Cease-fire with ISIS confirmed along Syrian-Lebanese border

In a coordinated move, both Hezbollah and the Lebanese army have declared a cease-fire in their fight against ISIS in western Syria on the Lebanese border. They plan to hold negotiations with ISIS to discover the fate of 9 Lebanese soldiers kidnapped in 2014 by ISIS.
Cease-fire with ISIS? Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Cease-fire on the Lebanon-Syria border: This morning (Sunday), Hezbollah and the Lebanese army both declared cease-fires in their fight against ISIS. According to the Lebanese television network Al-Manar, the Lebanese army had declared a cease-fire in order to negotiate the fate of 9 Lebanese soldiers who were captured by ISIS in 2014.

The two cease-fire announcements, though released independently, were publicized at around the same time. About a week ago, the Lebanese army, Assad's army and Hezbollah began separate but simultaneous attacks against ISIS forces in the area.

Hezbollah territory in the fight against ISIS Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to a Hezbollah source, the terror organization's forces entered the area where the soldiers had disappeared in order to locate their burial place. Immediately after the cease-fire was declared, the Lebanese army began talks with ISIS to uncover details regarding the missing soldiers.

In the days leading up to the fighting in the region, a disagreement had erupted between the Lebanese army and Hezbollah over the boundaries of Hezbollah's territory in the fight against ISIS. Hezbollah had heretofore been fighting both ISIS and al-Qaeda from positions it had taken in the border region with Syria and from within Syrian territory.

According to sources close to Hezbollah, the terror organization had been directing the fight against ISIS both from Syrian and Lebanese territories. Sources from the Lebanese army, however, denied that there was any coordination between Lebanon and Hezbollah and insisted that the Lebanese Army was heading the operation from the Lebanese side of the border. However, reports from the field indicate that Hezbollah has been directing the operation from the Lebanese side and has not been acting under the direction of the Lebanese army.

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