ISIS issues new directive: Burkas forbidden in security facilities

A new directive issued by ISIS forbids women to wear burkas and hijabs in security facilities belonging to the terror organization. The reason: a series of deadly terror attacks committed by women dressed in the traditional Islamic attire.
A woman wearing a burka in an area controlled by ISIS Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Last week, the Iranian news network Al-Alam reported a surprising change in ISIS’s policies in the territories under its control, according to which women will no longer be allowed to wear a hijab or burka when entering security facilities belonging to the terror organization.

A source from Nineveh in Iraq told the Iranian news channel last Friday that a sweeping directive was issued by ISIS on the matter after a number of terror attacks were committed by women wearing hijabs and burkas inside the terror organization’s security facilities.

With the new directive, ISIS's dress code has officially been altered in all the territories under its control, as the terror organization previously determined that Muslim women were required to wear the traditional clothing at all times due to the Islamic rules of modesty.

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