Jordan refuses American request to extradite Sbarro terrorist accomplice

According to a report within the country, Jordan does not approve the request that was forwarded via Interpol. The Jordanian court held that since there is no extradition treaty with the US, there is no reason to approve the appeal.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Jordanian newspapers reported this morning that the country does not approve the American request to extradite terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, who drove a suicide bomber to the Sbarro Pizzeria, where he blew himself up in Jerusalem in August 2001. The terror attack killed 15 people and wounded over 130 others.

According to the Al Eid newspaper, the request was transferred to Jordan via Interpol. A Jordanian court ruled that the grounds for extradition were not valid since there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. According to Jordanian sources, such an agreement was signed in 1995 but it was never ratified by the Jordanian parliament and therefore holds no validity.

The father of Hannah Nahanberg, who was critically wounded in the terror attack and has been defined as a vegetable, stated that years of his daughter’s life were taken away from her due to this terror attack that no one will return: “Her daughter Sarah grew up without a mother. Her husband David lost his partner. It cannot be that no one will pay the price.”

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