King Abdullah in Ramallah for first time in 5 years

Jordan’s king received a warm welcome in Ramallah on Monday. Before landing in the Palestinian city, he warned that without Washington’s involvement in the efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, no breakthroughs would be made.
Abbas and Abdullah Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

King Abdullah II of Jordan flew to Ramallah on Monday by helicopter in order to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. This is Abdullah’s first visit to the Palestinian city in the past five years.

In Ramallah, Abdullah received a warm welcome and shook Abbas’ hand. However, the two did not deliver a joint statement and it is still unclear whether they will speak to the press after their meeting. Before arriving in Ramallah, Abdullah said that “the Palestinian goal is in danger” and stated that it becomes harder to reach a diplomatic solution with every day that passes.

He also called on the US to remain involved in the peace process, warning that “there won’t be any breakthroughs” without Washington’s help. In light of the tensions between Israel and Jordan, Abdullah will return to Amman after his meeting with Abbas comes to an end, not meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or any Israeli officials during this trip.

Abbas and Abdullah Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Associates of Abbas refused to go into detail about what the two leaders are expected to discuss. However, they said that the Temple Mount crisis and its “widespread political consequences” will be addressed. Abbas’ spokesperson said that the meeting will be about “recent events and the efforts to resolve the conflict.”  

Last week, Abdullah commented on the shooting involving an Israeli security guard in Amman during a meeting with Jordanian ministers. He said that Jordan will continue to protect its citizens and called on Israel to take the necessary legal steps so that justice can be served.

“Getting justice is at the top of our priorities and we are following the steps that Israel is taking closely,” the king added. Regarding Al-Aqsa, Abdullah told the ministers: “All of the means we are using are supposed to continuously protect the Al-Aqsa mosque. We are closely keeping an eye on what’s happening but the challenge there is political, not just [a matter of] security.”

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