Kurdish official: Assad is doing all he can to get rid bodies

Following yesterday's (Monday) reports that the Syrian regime has built a crematorium at a prison, a senior Kurdish official in Syria, Dr. Sherkoh Abbas responds.
Prisoners of the syrian regime Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Dr. Sherkoh Abbas, the president of the Kurdistan National Assembly, described to Channel 2 News Online in a special interview what has been happening in Syria, after the US claimed that the Assad regime has built a crematorium to burn prisoners' bodies. "Assad and his allies are doing whatever they can to get rid of bodies," said Dr. Abbas. "Recently there are crematoriums that makes their work much simpler and faster. This prison is awful."

Earlier today, the Syrian Foreign Ministry denied the accusations made by the US stating the reports must have come from a Hollywood movie script. Despite the denials, the Syrian Opposition is confident that Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad is working hard to hide his crimes.

"Every day people are being ekilled there," Dr. Abbas said. "It's hell. He's been slaughtering people for years, 8 out of 10 people sent there, don’t come back. In reality, a lot more people die there than we think."

The crematorium revealed by the US Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

"My friends who were there told stories of chokings, amputations, unimaginable things, poisoned water and food," the Kurdish official said. "These terrible things are horrible, unbelievable crimes. Those who do get out from there, come back broken, half human. All that has been happening there in the last years is unbelievable."

"The international community sees the massacre, acts reminiscent of the Holocaust," he said. "I am glad that the Israeli-Jewish media is bringing this issue to light. There is a Holocaust in Syria happening under Russia and Iran. I do not understand how Russia allows this to happen."

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