Lebanese journalist denied interview with PM Hariri was staged

Despite claims that the interview with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri was staged, journalist Paula Yacoubian denied the allegations: “The interview went well. I didn’t notice anything unusual.”
Hariri Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Monday), journalist Paula Yacoubian, who interviewed Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri earlier this week, claimed that the interview was not staged. Yacoubian also answered a question that bothered many viewers, that is, who was the man in black?

The host of a Future News show, associated with Hariri’s party, explained that the mysterious man isn’t a member of Saudi intelligence, as many suspected, but only the prime minister’s staff member. According to Yacoubian, there was nothing strange about the interview. “There was no conspiracy or acting,” she stated. “The interview went well. I didn’t notice anything unusual since we arrived at the airport.”

Yacoubian Photo credit: Egyptian television/ Channel 2 News

Yacoubian explained that Hariri’s family resides with him, although she didn’t see them. In addition, she claimed that the prime minister repeatedly confirmed that he intends to return to Beirut in order to make his resignation official.

During the interview, Hariri criticized Hezbollah. “For the arrangement to be successful, we would all have to act in Lebanon’s best interest,” he stated. “Hezbollah must not be allowed to destroy Lebanon.”

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