Moroccan women taught how to use makeup to cover up traces of domestic violence

While millions of people called for the end of violence against women, Moroccan women were taught how to cover up their bruises after receiving a beating. The tutorial was featured on a popular television show. The video was also uploaded to the television station’s Facebook page, sparking outrage among fans and many social media users.

Millions of people all over the world marked the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women this week by holding discussions and ceremonies. However, a TV station in Morocco decided to mark the day in an unordinary way.

During a special segment on a daily Moroccan television show, women were taught how to hide their bruises after receiving a beating with makeup. The segment was featured on Channel 2M's show Sabahiyat, which focuses on lifestyle topics. During the six-minute tutorial, a famous makeup artist covered up the traces of domestic violence on the face of a woman who was supposed to be a victim.

The victim appeared to have black and blue bruises on her swollen face, which completely disappeared after the makeup artist finished her job. The controversial segment was then uploaded to the television station’s Facebook page, prompted angry responses from fans and social media users, some of whom called to boycott the station.

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