Over 160 Palestinian journalists say that PA security forces targeted them for their reporting

A variety of statistics were released by an NGO on the International Day for Freedom of the Press. The PA has not yet commented on the matter.
Two Palestinian police standing in front of the Church of the Nativity Photo Credit: James Emery via Wikimedia Commons

A recent survey conducted among 182 Palestinian journalists, in celebration of the International Day for Freedom of the Press, indicated that most of the respondents were targeted by Palestinian Authority security forces for their reporting. 91% of those responding to the survey, without going into detail, said that their work was targeted without an active judicial check on those authorities.

When responding to a different question, 83% indicated that they do not believe current Palestinian state media sources to be credible, and 97% indicated that those sources have partisan biases. Upon releasing the statistics, the Ramallah-based “Mada” NGO indicated that many Palestinians rely on more direct forms of social media to access their daily news.

The findings also show that 76% of journalists polled indicated that the authorities did not promote their reporting on issues concerning the region and do not include any protections for individual reporters. No comment has been made so far by the Palestinian Authority on the matter.

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