PA local elections temporarily postponed: Fatah welcomes decision; Hamas outraged

The Palestinian Supreme Court in the West Bank determined that the local elections in the Palestinian Authority will be postponed until the legal matters regarding them are sorted out. Fatah and PA officials are expected to welcome the decision. However, Hamas has already voiced its opposition towards the ruling.
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The Palestinian Supreme Court in Ramallah ruled today (Thursday) that the local elections that were supposed to take place in about another month will be temporarily postponed. Fatah and PA officials are expected to be relieved in light of the decision after many of them feared that Hamas officials will be elected in several districts.

The Palestinian Supreme Court determined that the elections will be postponed until the legal hearings regarding the matter are completed. The next hearing is set for December. Among the reasons for the court’s decision is the fact that Jerusalem was not included in the voting districts. In addition, the matter of appeals regarding the results of the elections has not been finalized yet. Hamas members have already voiced their opposition to the court’s decision via social media sites. Several Hamas supporters called the decision a “crime against democracy.”

Hamas stated in response to the ruling: “The decision of the Palestinian Authority’s Supreme Court to halt the elections process is a coup against the democratic form of government. We call for the PA to hold elections on the set date and not to delay them. External factors brought about the delay of the elections because it was feared that Hamas will win.”

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