Palestinian Preventive Security seizes weapons ahead of Trump’s visit

The Palestinian Preventive Security announced that over 700 weapons have been seized as part of an ongoing operation in the West Bank. The weapons were transported to Ramallah, where they will be destroyed.
Some of the weapons that were seized Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Palestinian Preventive Security (PPS) launched a large-scale operation to get weapons off the West Bank streets on Wednesday. So far, more than 700 weapons have been seized and transported to Ramallah, where they will be destroyed. Among the weapons that were collected were various assault rifles and machine guns.

The PPS operation comes about two weeks before U.S President Donald Trump’s first diplomatic visit to Israel and it is possible that the Palestinian Authority is conducting the operation in order to show Trump that it is making an effort to fight terrorism.

Due to the serious blow to the weapons industry in the West Bank, guns and other weapons are now more expensive. A year ago, an improvised Carlo gun sold for the price of 1,500 NIS. However, the current price of the same gun is currently 7,000 NIS.

Yesterday, the Golani Brigade’s 51st Battalion discovered two lathes used to manufacture weapons near Nablus during a raid. The raid was conducted as Palestinians fired shots at the IDF soldiers but no injuries were reported.

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