Palestinian analyst shouts on Jordanian TV: “PA leaders are spies, traitors and pimps”

According to MEMRI, Palestinian analyst Muhammed Al Tamami recently was interviewed on Jordanian TV, where he proclaimed that Abu Mazen and other PA leaders are spies, traitors and pimps, who are responsible for the death of Yasser Arafat.

According to MEMRI, Palestinian analyst Muhammed Al Tamami recently was interviewed on Jordanian TV, where he proclaimed: “Fatah is currently controlled by a bunch of spies, who compete among themselves over a non-existent imaginary authority. Fatah is currently controlled by spies, who killed their father in order to inherit him.” At this point, someone asks Al Tamami, “You are referring to Yasser Arafat.” He replied, “Yes, I said this on Al Jazeera TV immediately after the assassination of Arafat by these people.”

“Since Mahmoud Abbas took power, he has fought against any Fatah member with an honorable past,” Al Tamami noted. “Palestine is not the property of that leadership. I am now talking on behalf of the entire Palestinian people. By Allah, if you conducted an online poll and asked the Palestinians where I Muhammed Al Tamami represent them and speak on their behalf, 90% would say yes. Therefore, I declare the dismissal of this leadership in the name of the Palestinian people.”

“This is a blessed land and it will not be led by the scum of the earth,” Al Tamami proclaimed. “I represent the conscious of the people. I know my people better than anyone else. This is a blessed cause, a holy cause. This is not a whorehouse led by Al Ahmad, Dahlan, Abu Mazen or anybody else.”  Soon, the discussion deteriorated into a shouting match between Al Tamami and a Jordanian analyst: “This is a blessed land. This is the land of Muhammed’s nocturnal journey.  It is the land of Islam. It is the land of Omar Ibn Al Khattab and Saladin. These people have nothing to do with this cause and this land. They are defying Allah. Allah curses upon you! You are an enemy of Allah!”

“We shall never accept Israel on an inch of our land,” Al Tamami declared. “Brother, we will not give up on the land of Palestine. Who are these spies and traitors, who serve as pimps, peddling normalization with the Jews?”  He accused Abu Mazen of being directly linked to the Mossad: “This is Palestine, man.  These traitors are destroying it! That son of a bitch! That traitor! The Palestinian Authority and all of their organizations will go into the garbage bin of history.” The moderator tried to calm Al Tamami down so that the other person will have a chance to talk but was not successful.

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