Palestinian rioters destroy gas pipeline that serves Gaza residents

Thousands came to protest along the security fence at the Gaza border on Friday. Rioters damaged a gas pipeline that serves the Gaza Strip. Earlier that day, fire kites sent from Gaza stated fires in Israeli territory. One Palestinian was killed while trying to cross the border.
Palestinians set fire to Gaza gas pipeline, sparking a large fire Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Gas pipelines that serve the Palestinians were damaged by rioters during Friday’s protests along the Gaza border. Dozens of Palestinians arrived at the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing Friday afternoon, destroying the fence and setting fire to a gas pipeline that passes from the Palestinian side to the Israeli side. In response, the IDF fired at the main rioters in order to ensure that no one would cross into Israeli territory.

The pipelines carry gas from Israel to the Gaza Strip and cost about ten million NIS each. The IDF said that this was the second time in recent days that Palestinians had been destroyed resources intended to assist them, including humanitarian equipment from various countries around the world.

Earlier on Friday, a fire broke out in Shaar Hanegev Regional Council when an explosive kite that was launched from Gaza landed in southern Israel. Firefighters arrived at the scene where the kite had landed and controlled the fire with the help of local residents.

In another incident, a 40-year-old Palestinian protester tried to cross the border into Israel east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip and was reportedly killed by IDF fire.

Around 15,000 Palestinian rioters vandalized and set fire to several points on the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom crossing during yesterday’s riots on the Gaza border.

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