Report: Evacuation deal for ISIS terrorists in Raqqa reached

A deal between the Syrian forces and ISIS terrorists in Raqqa has been reached, according to an AFP report. As part of the deal, the terrorists are expected to leave the city that has been the self-proclaimed capital of the murderous terrorist organization in Syria for several years. However, it is feared that they will take hundreds of hostages with them.
Raqqa Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to reports from Syria, ISIS is expected to leave Raqqa as part of a deal that was reached with the Syrian forces. On Saturday evening, Omar Alloush, a senior member of the Raqa Civil Council, told the French news agency AFP that an evacuation agreement was reached for the city, which is about to fall into the hands of the U.S.-backed Syrian forces.

According to Alloush, about 500 ISIS terrorists are still in Raqqa, the de-facto capital of the terrorist group in Syria. In addition, the terrorists are holding about 400 civilians, including women and children, hostage in the national hospital in the city. Alloush fears that the terrorists will take the hostages with them when they leave the city.

It was reported earlier by the coalition forces that the deal does not include foreign ISIS terrorists. However, Alloush clarified that the evacuation deal applies to all ISIS terrorists including those who are not from Syria. “The foreign fighters have two choices: either surrender or be taken out” of Raqqa, Alloush told AFP.  

As reported by JOL on Saturday, the Syrian-Kurdish militia YPG stated that ISIS is days away from defeat in the city. “The fighting continues and ISIS is on the border of elimination,” the militia’s spokesperson told Reuters. “Today or tomorrow, the city will be liberated.”

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