Over 40 killed in Beirut suicide attack, Hezbollah vows revenge

Lebanese media reported that a fierce explosion shook the Dahiya quarter in Beirut this evening. An initial investigation found that two terrorists took part in the attack. According to the current reports, 41 people were killed and more than a hundred were injured.
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The Al Arabiya News Agency reported that a suicide attack took place today (Thursday) at the heart of the Dahiya quarter in Beirut.

According to the reports, the attack took place at a commercial center and many passersby attested to the fierce explosion that shook the area. A preliminary investigation found that two terrorists had taken part in the attack. Al Arabiya reported that the body of a third terrorist was found at the scene of the attack, wearing an explosive belt that apparently did not set off. According to the current reports from Lebanon, 41 people were killed and at least 180 were injured.

This is the most lethal attack to have taken place in Dahiya since 2006, when the Israeli Air Forces conducted airstrikes in the area as part of the Second Lebanon War. The Dahiya quarter is affiliated with Hezbollah, and the attack is thought to have come in light of the recent escalation in the rivalry between Hezbollah and the Sunnis in Lebanon, and specifically the extremists who support the Syrian Rebels.

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