Sinai Peninsula: 12 Egyptian soldiers killed, 8 injured in attack

An Egyptian Army checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula was ambushed today by terrorists. According to Egyptian officials, ISIS is responsible for the attack. 12 soldiers were killed and 8 more were injured when the terrorists opened fire on the checkpoint.
Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

At least 12 Egyptian soldiers were killed today (Friday) in a terror attack that was apparently carried out by ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula. In addition, 8 soldiers were injured after the terrorists opened fire on a military checkpoint.

The attack occurred about 40 kilometers (approximately 24 miles) from Bir el 'Abd in Northern Sinai. According to the reports, the terrorists were armed with automatic firearms and heavy machine guns. The wounded received medical treatment in the city of Arish.

This shooting attack was the latest in a series of terror attacks carried out by terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula.

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