Sinai mosque attack: Death toll rises to 305, among them 27 children

The death toll from the deadly terror attack in the Arish-area mosque has risen to 305, among whom were 27 children. According to an Egyptian official, the terrorists who massacred hundreds of worshippers were waving ISIS flags as they were shooting in all directions. Throughout the day, Egypt continued striking terrorist targets in Sinai.

Watch: Egyptian Army continues large-scale operation against terrorist targets

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Egyptian officials confirmed today (Saturday) that the death toll from yesterday’s horrific terror attack in Sinai has risen to 305 people, 27 of whom were children. 128 additional people were wounded. An official also stated that the terrorists who massacred hundreds of worshippers were waving ISIS flags as they carried out the terror attack. However, no terrorist organization has officially claimed responsibility for the attack yet.

The Egyptian Army continued with its large-scale military operation in northern Sinai in response to the mosque attack, security forces in Egypt reported. As reported yesterday by JOL, 15 of the terrorists involved in the terror attack were eliminated in a series of airstrikes that were conducted in areas surrounding the town of Bir al-Abed, according to Arab media outlets.

Hundreds of Sufi worshippers murdered in terror attack Photo Credit: EPA

During a speech broadcasted on Egyptian television shortly after what has become the deadliest terror attack in the country’s history, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi called the terror attack “criminal” and proclaimed that Egypt will brutally react against the perpetrators of the massacre. “The victims’ suffering wasn’t in vain and will only add to our resolve in the war on terror,” el-Sisi stated.

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