Syria: Dozens killed when Turkish aircraft and artillery forces attacked Kurdish targets

35 people were killed and dozens more were injured in separate attacks conducted by the Turkish Army in Northern Syria. In the attacks, the Turkish Army hit Kurdish targets.
Turkish forces, yesterday Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

35 people were killed today (Sunday) in Turkish air strikes and artillery attacks in Northern Syria, according to several news agencies. In addition, human rights organizations claimed that dozens of people were injured in the attacks.

According to a human rights organization in Syria, the Turkish aircraft attacked the area north of Manbij, which is under the control of forces associated with the Kurdish minority in Syria. In this attack, 20 people were killed. The Kurdish forces have not yet responded to the attack but yesterday, they stated that the areas attacked by the Turkish Army are not under their control.

Shortly after the first attack, the Turkish military attacked the Syrian town of al-Amarna, killing 15 people and injuring dozens more. According to human rights organization, the Kurdish forces have retreated from al-Amarna and another town.

Ankara continues to claim that the purpose of the military operation is to rid the area of ISIS. Earlier today, JOL reported that the Turkish military suffered its first fatality since it launched the operation in Northern Syria last week.

According to the reports, the Turkish soldier was killed after a rocket hit the tank in which he was traveling. In addition, 3 other Turkish soldiers were injured and 3 tanks were destroyed.

It is estimated that the rocket was fired at the tank by Kurdish rebels. In response to the rocket fire, Turkish Air Force fighter aircraft attacked People’s Protection Units (YPG) targets in the area near the Syrian city of Jarabulus.

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