Syria denies presence of crematorium, calls it a 'Hollywood story'

The Syrian government has issued a statement denying the claims made by the US yesterday (Monday) that a crematorium has been set up at a prison facility outside Damascus, the same prison Amnesty International described as a torture facility in their February report.
Sednaya Prison where the crematorium was built Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), the Syrian government denied the accusations made by the United States regarding a crematorium built at a Syrian prison facility. The Syrian Foreign Ministry issued a statement through the government’s news agency, claiming the allegations are false. "It's a Hollywood story with no basis in reality," read the statement.

According to the allegations, thousands have already been hanged and burned in order to cover up the evidence in the Sednaya military prison, 45 minutes from the Syrian capital of Damascus.

Sednaya Prison is the same facility Amnesty International labeled at the beginning of the civil war as a torture facility used by the Assad regime. According to the human rights organization’s report from February of this year, in the first five months of the civil war, 88 opposition prisoners died, including 10 children, some of whom were under the age of 13.

As previously reported by JOL, Assad himself denied the findings of Amnesty’s report, which he called "fake news." According to the Syrian president, the human rights organization published the report without relying on solid evidence. "Amnesty International knows more about Syria than me?" asked al-Assad. "They haven’t been to Syria. They only based their reports on allegations." Assad added: "We live in a fake news era, as you know, everybody knows that."

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