Syria: UN aid convoy hit in airstrike as battles resume

Just a few hours after the ceasefire between the Syrian Army and the rebel forces came to an end late last night, intense and bloody battles between the two sides were reported. At least 34 people were killed in an airstrike near Aleppo. According to the UN, one of its aid convoys was hit in an airstrike.
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Shortly after the Syrian Army officially announced that the ceasefire has come to an end late last night (Monday), the bloody battles resumed. According to foreign aid agencies in Syria, dozens of people have already been killed and around 100 people were injured in Russian and Syrian Army airstrikes. Many of the victims were children. Media agencies affiliated with the rebel forces documented some of the children who were wounded in airstrikes.

The Syrian opposition claimed that President Bashar al-Assad’s army and Russia did not respect the ceasefire and facilitated the violations and continuation of the bloody warfare. However, Assad’s army is accusing the rebel forces of undermining the ceasefire. Meanwhile, the UN confirmed that one of its humanitarian aid convoys was attacked near Aleppo, where intense battles are taking place. The attack on the UN aid convoy sparked serious outrage within the international agency.

According to reports in Syria, Assad’s army and Russian forces bombed the UN convoy. A senior level UN official said that the organization is furious about the attack on its convoy, which was carrying aid to civilians who are suffering.

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