Witnesses of the Idilib attack in Syria: "People were suffocating in the streets"

Hospitals in the area that haven’t already been bombed are all full and doctors are struggling to treat the wounded, most of whom are children.
"People were suffocating in the streets" Photo credit: Twitter/ Channel 2 News

Reports of the deadly attack in Syria today (Tuesday) have revealed that dozens of people were killed and hundreds were wounded. Eyewitnesses described the difficult incident: "The situation is horrible. Very serious. Most of the wounded are children," said Mohammed Rasul, one of the people responsible for evacuating the victims. According to reports from the opposition, the Syrian army attacked with nerve gas but President Bashar Assad continues to deny the accusations. Russia has denied involvement in the air strike.

Rasul told the BBC that he had first heard news of the air strike at 6:45 am. "Three of the ambulances arrived at the scene and found people suffocating in the streets. Our teams are still there," he added. "We are transferring patients from place to place because the hospitals are all full."

Victims from the apparent nerve gas attack in Idlib Photo credit: Twitter/ Channel 2 News

Dr. Shagul Islam, a doctor at the Idlib hospital, told Channel 2 News: "At about 8:30 am, we started receiving victims of the attack. Many of the hospitals around North Hama and the Idlib area have been bombed over the past few weeks." Islam explained that “this means that the nearest facility to treat the wounded is about 11 miles from the attack site. "

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