UN: The Syrian regime is blocking passage of aid convoys to Aleppo

The trucks carrying aid are ready to enter the city of Aleppo as planned according to the ceasefire agreement but according to human rights organizations, there are still many armed men blocking the roads to the besieged city, contrary to the Syrian regime’s commitment to clear the area.
Aid trucks stuck on their way to Aleppo Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

As part of the agreement reached between the United States and Russia regarding the ceasefire in Syria, UN trucks carrying humanitarian aid were scheduled to arrive in Aleppo as early as tomorrow (Friday). However, according to the UN, the Syrian regime is blocking the aid trucks from entering the besieged city. “The humanitarian aid, the most substantial change for the people of Syria other than the cessation of bombings, has run into problems," UN special envoy for the Syria crisis Staffan de Mistura told journalists at the UN's headquarters in Geneva today.

De Mistura explained that the UN expected the Syrian regime to respect the arrangements and clear the roads to Aleppo for the passage of humanitarian aid. However, de Mistura explained that the UN has yet to receive authorization to enter the city. “It is a shame that we are losing time,” de Mistura stated. “These are days which should be used in order to transfer aid since there is no fighting taking place. That is the agreement between the Russians and the Americans and it should be done immediately.”

Thousands waiting for aid packages in the beseiged city Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

According to those responsible for the aid convoys, no cases of civilian deaths or attacks near schools and hospitals have been reported in the last 24 hours and starting this weekend, the trucks will be able to reach places that are in dire need of aid. However, the Syrian regime has not given the necessary permission to allow the trucks to enter Aleppo, which has been at the heart of the battles in Syria in recent months.

Today, human rights organizations claimed that there are still many armed men on the roads leading to Aleppo who are delaying the aid convoys despite the fact that according to the agreement, inspection points are supposed to be placed along the roads in order to ensure their free passage.

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