Death toll from Syrian car bomb attack rises: 126 dead – 68 of them children

Rescue forces at the scene of yesterday’s catastrophic terror attack in Syria continue on with efforts to rescue bodies from the burned bus’s ruins. Human rights organizations currently revealed that a majority of the terror attack victims were children, while clothing and personal objects of those murdered are still scattered on the ground.

The scene of the terror attack in Syria

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The day following the devastating terror attack on a group of buses that were heading towards Aleppo, the true dimensions of the disaster are being exposed to the world. Human rights organizations reported today (Sunday) that the terror attack’s death toll has risen to 126, while 68 of the victims were children.

As reported yesterday by JOL, a suicide bomber detonated a car bomb near a bus filled with Syrian evacuees from two government-held Shi’ite towns formerly besieged by rebel forces. The buses had been waiting for more than a day to enter into Aleppo, but were delayed because of lingering agreements between the rebels and the Syrian government. According to the agreement, hundreds of Sunnis were supposed to be safely transported to government-held Madaya. However, as signing the agreement was delayed, the evacuees found themselves stuck at the transit point.

The burned bus after the terror attack Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

109 of the terror attack victims were Shi’ite evacuees, while the rest were aid workers and rebel representatives who were guarding the buses. Even though it has been hours since the suicide bombing occurred, witnesses described that the victims’ body parts, clothing and personal items are still scattered along the ground outside of the burned bus.

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