Aleppo: At least 52 killed since this morning as Syrian Army’s heavy bombings continue

The battles around Aleppo continued today, as at least 52 people have reportedly been killed in the Syrian Army’s massive bombings of the city. In footage documented by Syrian citizens, an infant is seen being evacuated from the ruins.

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According to the Syrian opposition, at least 52 Syrian citizens were killed and around 200 others were injured since this morning (Saturday) in the Syrian Army’s heavy bombing of Aleppo. Syrian citizens documented some of the atrocities and published the footage on social media, calling on the world to intervene: “We are being massacred. It has no end. It’s like doomsday.” Meanwhile, Assad’s Army reported that it has conquered the area north of Aleppo.

The attack on the neighborhoods under the control of the Syrian Rebels in Aleppo included dropping barrel bombs on civilian homes and targeting rescue forces in order to cause a mass flight and recapture these areas. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian President Vladimir Putin continue to deny the claims that their forces targeted humanitarian aid convoys trying to enter the city of Aleppo.

“How is there still activity in hospitals and in the rebel areas of Aleppo if they have stopped operating due to the attacks, as they claim?” Assad stated in an interview for AP. His media advisor Bouthaina Shaaban also denied the claims against the Assad regime. “The authorities are treating children. The reports are not true,” she stated when asked about the chlorine gas attack on Aleppo, in which many children were severely injured in recent days.

Dozens of buildings were destroyed in the bombings Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Yesterday, Syrian citizens reported that an infant was evacuated from the ruins of a building that collapsed in one of the bombings. The infant, whose age is still unknown, was evacuated in order to receive medical treatment after his body and head were dug out of the ground. Dozens of buildings were destroyed in yesterday’s attacks, which continued into today.

Meanwhile, Syrian media outlets reported that Assad’s Army has conquered Handarat camp north of Aleppo. According to senior-level officials from the Syrian Army, the rebels fled the camp following the massive airstrikes conducted by Syrian and Russian aircrafts.

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