Watch: Footage from ISIS prison in Mosul

As the battle for Mosul intensifies, various videos and reports are revealing the horrors that ISIS has left behind. In a house on the outskirts of the city, a prison where the organization held prisoners in harsh conditions was discovered.
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After the town of Hamam al-Ali was liberated by the Iraqi Army, the reports and videos documenting the horrors that occurred there were released. A prison was discovered in one of the houses where captives were held in harsh conditions. Just yesterday (Friday), JOL reported that ISIS is stockpiling chemical weaponry and carrying out mass executions.

The small home has tiny cells in which prisoners were held in total darkness. In another part of the home, Iraqi Army forces discovered an interrogation room where the locals report that ISIS carried out harsh interrogations and acts of torture at the end of which the prisoners were shot dead.

The prison looks like a regular home Photo Credit: Sky News\Channel 2 News

In a deserted field outside of the city, hundreds of bodies were found and according to local reports, more than 300 prisoners were buried there in mass graves.

Iraqi forces Photo Credit: CNN\Channel 2 News

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