Watch: Family reunion in Mosul in the midst of war

The terrible battles in Iraq turned tens of thousands of people into refugees and split up families. Several family members who were torn apart from one another were recently reunited in a refugee camp.

Watch the emotional reunion

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After nearly two years spent apart, Iraqi refugees who escaped from Mosul were reunited with their families in a refugee camp yesterday (Friday) just east of the city where the battles continue between Iraqi military forces and ISIS. Brothers, mothers, fathers and children were reunited in tears, hugs and kisses.

“I cannot describe the feeling,” said Ziyad Ezz-Eldin. “I have not seen them for two and a half years. They left in the beginning of the crisis but I stayed in Mosul, this was our fate.”

Abu Zahed, who escaped from the city without his parents, said in tears: “I just want to see them. That is all I want in life."

A tearful reunion Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The emotional rendezvous took place although a fence was separating the families. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, this is necessary until the United Nations (UN) will complete all necessary security screenings.

According to the UN, 22,000 people have left their homes since the fighting started in Mosul. This number doesn’t include the 1,000 people from the adjacent villages who were forced to return to the city due to ISIS’s retreat in the last several days. The UN warned that continued fighting in Mosul will lead to a humanitarian crisis.

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