Sneak peek inside Islamic State’s capital city as it prepares for defeat

CNN broadcasted a sneak peek of the streets of Raqqa: the ISIS terrorist organization’s crumbling capital city in Syria. A man who placed a hidden camera in his clothing recorded the streets that are already prepared for urban warfare.
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The Islamic State’s reign of terror is collapsing and even in the terrorist organization’s capital city of Raqqa, Syria, there is a feeling that the days of radical Islamic rule are coming to an end. CNN broadcasted footage from the city’s streets – take a look.

At first, the video displays what seems like an average Middle Eastern street with people going shopping and traffic passing through the streets. A closer look makes it clear that this is a city under threat: tarps are stretched above the streets in order to protect the city from airstrikes, sand bags lined along the street protect from outside attacks and the people are prepared for the day that all-out urban warfare breaks out in their city.

The Islamic State’s capital city is on the verge of collapsing Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

An activist placed a hidden camera inside his clothes in order to record what Raqqa looks like today – the city that was the headquarters and shelter for ISIS terrorists. Today, fear from the cruel arm of power no longer daunts civilians, not even the cameraman who knows that there is a death penalty for those caught filming the city.

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