The Battle of the Burgers - McDonald’s boycott Ariel

McDonald’s franchise in Israel’s decision to not open a branch in Ariel, due to its position over the green line continues to create noise. Bennett, Yishay speak in favor of compotators.

Everybody wants to be first. AP / Channel 2 News

The storm surrounding McDonald’s refusal to open a branch in Ariel continues; Minister of Finance Naftali Bennett wrote on Facebook today (Thursday) that he intends to be the first to eat at a competitor’s branch that is set to open in the city.

“Eli Orgad, owners of Burger-ranch announced that in response to McDonald’s boycott of Ariel, he will be opening up a Burger-ranch branch in the city. I promise to be the one to eat the first burger opening day. Well done Eli, and well done Burger-ranch.” Bennett wrote on his official Facebook page.

Knesset member Eli Yishay of Shas party does not intended to arrive personally, but also promised on his Facebook page to be a loyal customer. “I promise to order the first delivery form the Ariel Burger-ranch branch and send it to Omri Paden at McDonald’s offices together with a map of Israel, in the hope that while he eats food from an Israeli franchise he will learn Israel’s updated borders.”

“I promise to eat on opening day”, Bennett. Channel 2 news

“We will not enter McDonald’s branches throughout the country”

Yesterday it became public knowledge that McDonald’s refused to open up a branch in a new mall being built in Ariel claiming that the company has a policy that says that no branches are to be opened anywhere past the green line. Citizens of Ariel responded by calling for a consumer boycott of the popular burger franchise. “If that is the decision then we will not be entering McDonald’s branches throughout the country” said an Ariel citizen when speaking to channel 2 news.

Will not open up a branch in Ariel, McDonald’s Photography: Reuters.

Head of Samaria regional council, Gershon Masika, joined the call to boycott McDonald’s: “It is unfortunate that elements that do not recognize the Judea and Samaria Area choose to boycott 700 thousand citizens who represent 10% of the population of Israel.”

One young woman who works for McDonald’s said that the decision is outrageous. “I do not think that a successful international company should be taking a political side – only provide citizens equal service” She claimed. “I, as a citizen of Ariel want to have the option like any other citizen in the country. I really appreciate the company, but it must take a step forward, overcome its opinions and understand that there does not need to be a connection between politics and the concession market.    

McDonald’s responded by saying: “This has always been Dr. Omri Paden’s (Israeli franchise owner) policy. 

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