12-year-old girl suspected as terrorist: “I am a child”

Today, the 12-year-old Palestinian girl whose legs were shot by security guards recalls what happened to her. She says that she was not planning on carrying out a terror attack, but rather wished to see where her aunt was shot dead after attempting to stab security guards.
“I did not understand the soldiers who asked me to stop" Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today, the 12-year-old girl who was shot at the Eliyahu checkpoint near Alfei Menashe recalls yesterday’s incident, claiming that everything that happened was basically a mistake. “I just wanted to see where my aunt was killed,” the young girl claimed.

“Ever since the day my aunt was killed I wanted to see how they killed her,” she asserted over and over again. “The more I progressed, the Jew said to me…he spoke to me in Hebrew, so I could not understand him.”

When she ignored the soldiers’ instructions to stop at the checkpoint, they fired two warning shots into the air. As she came closer and did not follow the soldiers’ requests, they were forced to shoot her in the legs to neutralize her. Upon searching her afterwards, the soldiers did not find any knives or other weapons on her.

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