2 female IDF soldiers accidentally entered Tulkarm, were attacked – and were rescued

A severe incident took place today in Tulkarm, as two female IDF soldiers who left the Jordan Rift Valley towards Beit Lid got lost on the way using a navigation app and accidentally entered the Palestinian city. The two were attacked with stones and were eventually rescued by Palestinian policemen.

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Two female soldiers from the IDF’s Paratroopers Brigade were lightly injured this evening (Monday) after accidentally entering the Palestinian city of Tulkarm. The two were attacked with stones and were eventually evacuated by the Palestinian Police, which transferred them to the IDF after cooperating with the Israeli Civil Administration.

An initial investigation into the circumstances that led to the incident found that the two soldiers got lost on the way from the Jordan Rift Valley to their military base in Beit Lid after their navigation app directed them to the Palestinian village of Beit Lid.

The two continued driving through the village of Huwara, at which point the navigation app stopped working. Palestinian policemen pulled them over near the town of Anabta and asked them to turn around, but after talking to the Israel Police hotline on the phone they were told to continue driving on.

The vehicle that was attacked Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The two continued driving and entered the Tulkarm area, upon which dozens of Palestinians gathered around their military vehicle and started throwing stones at them. The soldier who was driving was hit in the head with a stone and the vehicle’s windshield was shattered.

Luckily, Palestinian policemen who noticed the incident managed to evacuate the two before the violence got out of hand. The two received medical treatment upon arriving in Israel.

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