IAF conducted exercise with Hellenic Air Force to "preserve preparedness"

The exercise included participation of fighter jets, cargo and refueling aircraft and was conducted solely in the air.
IAF fighter jets join Hellenic Air Force for a training exercise. Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

40 IAF aircraft participated in a joint aerial exercise with the Hellenic Air Force, concluded on Thursday. The exercise took place in Greek airspace and included the participation of fighter jets, cargo and refueling aircraft from 10 IAF squadrons.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit tweeted: "As part of an aerial exercise to improve and preserve the military's preparedness, that concluded last week on June 7, 2018, a joint training exercise with the IAF and the Hellenic Air Force took place in Greek airspace". It was also reported that the exercise was conducted fully in the air and without landing and included two daytime sorties.

Lt. Col. R, Commander of the 105th Squadron has concluded the exercise and said, "we recently returned from a training exercise which practiced long-range flights in Greece. My squadron participated along with the rest of the IAF. The forces practiced far from home in unfamiliar territory and performed a precise and defined mission under very challenging conditions.”

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