Massive refusal to join IDF Armored Corps among draftees

An unusual incident occurred recently when 86 draftees refused to join the IDF Armored Corps. The punishment that half of these draftees received was also unusual: a sentence of up to 20 days in a military prison.
Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

86 out of the 200 new IDF Armored Corps draftees over the past few days refused to join the military. In light of their decision, half of them were sent to a detention facility at the IDF induction center. The rest were sent to military prisons to serve sentences of 4 to 20 days. This was a rare incident not only because of the massive refusal to join the force but because of the military prison punishment.

In recent days, the IDF has been conducting drafts for the Armored Corps, a force that is usually in high demand among draftees. Thus, this incident came as a surprise to the IDF. The Israeli Manpower Directorate has been trying recently to increase the number of soldiers in the Armored Corps.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated in response that the military places draftees in the units where they are needed the most while also carefully examining the draftees’ desires and aspirations. “Among the draftees from this draft, there were some soldiers who expressed unwillingness to serve as combat soldiers in the Armored Corps because they desired to be placed in other combat units,” added the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

The IDF Armored Corps made headlines in recent weeks because of the new directive to incorporate women in combat roles within the force.

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