Kite crossed from Gaza into Israel, IDF responds

Soldiers spotted suspicious movement along the Israeli-Gazan border and an unidentified object floating in the sky that crossed into Israel. After the soldiers fired a warning shot, armed men in Gaza were seen pulling the kite back to their vehicle and fleeing the area.
Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The IDF spotted this morning (Saturday) a suspicious object in the air along the border between Israel and Gaza. A short while later they found out that the suspicious object was a kite.

While the kite was in the air, the soldiers spotted 2 trucks with armed men 250 meters from the border in Gaza. At a certain stage, the armed men pulled the kite back to their truck and drove off. According to the IDF, these men probably had a camera on the kite for reconnaissance purposes.

"This morning, a kite with a camera was spotted crossing the border from Gaza,” stated the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. “IDF forces noticed the kite and fired warning shots, causing the kite and its operators to recede from the area.”

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