A view of an Israeli attack on Gaza from the ground

The IDF recently changed its response policy following firing at Israel and now, Channel 2 News has revealed images of an attack from last week. Channel 2 News reporter Nir Dubri went to the border together with armored forces who partook in an attack that eradicated Hamas positions.
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Last week, the IDF responded to the rocket fire not only from the air but also shot from tanks and eradicated Hamas observation posts along the border. The tankers of the 7th brigade stationed along the Gaza border looked straight at the Hamas positions scattered across the area.

According to Nir Dubri, the Israeli response was exceptional and very harsh. He claims that it is part of a broad comprehensive strategy to strike the attack tunnels as well as Hamas positions along the border. The goal is to deter the terror organization’s ability to prepare for war.

Dubri reported that each side looked at the other studying and preparing for the next conflict. On the other side, Dubri claims that Hamas is prepared but they don’t intend to deteriorate the situation and they even stopped Gazans from infiltrating into Israel.  But with a new leader who is more hardline, Dubri claims that the first test of the new terror leader in Gaza is what steps will be taken if Hamas chooses to escalate the situation.  

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