IDF and Ben-Gurion University cooperate in 48-hour technological marathon

Cadets from the IDF’s Teleprocessing Corps cooperated with mentors from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev as part of a special joint technological marathon. For 48 hours, they competed against one another in developing different applications that will address the operational needs of the Israeli security system.
Cooperation between the IDF and Ben-Gurion University Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit / Channel 2 News

A weapon sight that can predict a direct hit, augmented reality glasses that can help prevent terror attacks and various advanced warning systems: these are only some of the ideas presented at a technological marathon established by the IDF’s Teleprocessing Corps together with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Dozens of IDF cadets including engineers, programmers and cyber protectors took part in the technological marathon or “hackathon”, which was conducted in cooperation with the BaseCamp Innovation Center located at the national high tech and cyber park of Israel in Beersheba. The cadets were divided into groups and each had 48 hours to develop applications that would address the operational needs of the Israeli security system. The winning application will be developed and will eventually be integrated into the IDF’s operational activity.

Soon to be used at checkpoints? Anti-terror augmented reality glasses Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit / Channel 2 News

Amongst the ideas developed at the hackathon was a control system that sends a warning when cellphones are brought into classified military discussions. Other more combat-oriented ideas included a weapon sight that can take the surrounding conditions and terrain into account and predict a direct hit and augmented reality glasses that can detect the intention to commit a terror attack based on knowledge from social networks and real-time access to information on suspects.

“When we were approached with this initiative, we immediately saw how the values of technological and civil cooperation, together with the transfer of the IDF’s technological units to the Negev, could come to fruition in such an event,” explained the Founder and President of the BaseCamp Innovation Center, Uzy Zwebner. “Something exceptional is taking place here and our strength is in the unique and high quality cooperations taking place at the high tech park.”

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