Despite the defense's plan for Supreme Court appeal, Azaria to begin prison term on August 9

Elor Azaria's attorney, whose appeal was rejected by the military court, announced the defense's intention to appeal to the Supreme Court and requested a delay in Azaria's incarceration. The military appeals court decided that Azaria will begin to serve his sentence on August 9. Moments later, Azaria's mother collapsed and received medical treatment.
Attorney for the defense Yoram Sheftel Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Elazar Azaria's lawyer responded today (Sunday) to the decision of the military court of appeals to reject Azaria's appeal of the conviction manslaughter and the 18-month prison sentence Azaria received. "I was not convinced," Sheftel said, adding that he intended to ask for another delay in the execution of the sentence. "We intend to use the right to appeal to the Supreme Court and therefore I ask that [Azaria's] incarceration be postponed to the date on which notification must be filed."


An argument subsequently broke out between Sheftel, the prosecution and the judges; prosecuting attorney Nadav Weissman demanded that Azaria begin to serve his sentence this Wednesday. Weissman demanded that the defense offer an explanation for further postponement of the sentence. "The defendant has been convicted on two counts, there is no precedence for delaying a sentence in a case like this...It is inconceivable that he will not begin to serve his sentence."

Military prosector Attorney Nadav Weissman Photo Credit: Tomer Applebaum/ Channel 2 News

Weissman added that Azaria had managed to avoid prison for more than a year. "There is a limit to how many alternatives to detention can be used," he said. "We ask that he begins to serve his sentence on Wednesday."

The court, in response, decided that Azaria will begin to serve his sentence in ten days' time on August 9.

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