Ceremony marks opening of Israel's new Hall of Remembrance

On Mount Herzl, Israel's government and military officials gathered in the new Hall of Remembrance for a dedication ceremony on the eve of Yom HaZikaron. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it: "The hall of remembrance, grief, pride and heroism."

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In the presence of Israel's government and military officials, a ceremony marking the inauguration of the new Hall of Remembrance on Mount Herzl took place on Sunday morning. During the ceremony, a mezuzah was placed at the entrance to the site and a memorial torch was lit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In addition, the heads of all of the Israeli security forces lit together the 23,544 candles in the hall in memory of all of Israel’s fallen soldiers.

Netanyahu called the new site "the hall of remembrance, grief, pride and heroism, a hall that perfectly combines everything.” He added: “This memorial hall is now one of Israel's symbols." According to Netanyahu, "Each of us carries on our back the generations that came before and marches with them forward."

"Generation after generation, we pray so our sons and daughters will have no more war and generation after generation, we are forced to lay to rest like eternal flowers our best sons and daughters, young people whose lives and dreams had just begun to take shape,” said Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. “It is the terrible and painful price of the rebirth of Israel, of the decision of the Jewish people to hold their fate in their own hands and to build this fate in their homeland forever.”

Rivlin: "The memory of our beloved sons and daughters will be preserved in our hearts, in the heart of the nation" Photo Credit: Hillel Meir, TRS/Channel 2 News

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin stated, "I know that many parents ask, 'Who will remember our child after we have left?' Today, more than ever, we promise: the memory of our beloved sons and daughters will be preserved in our hearts, in the heart of the nation, for generations and generations."

23,544 candles lit in memory of Israel's fallen Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As previously reported by JOL, the hall is made up of a mountain of stones piled one on top of the other, reaching a height of 60 feet. More than 23,000 bricks make up the walls, each with the engraved name of a fallen soldier, the date that he or she was killed and a candle that will be lit on the anniversary of their death.

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