This is how the terror attack against the Israeli national team was thwarted

Days after Israel's soccer team arrived safely back in Israel from their game against Albania in Albania, the Kosovo police force reports that the Israeli national team wasn't the only target: the terror attack was planned to create two attacks simultaneously, one in Albania and one in Kosovo.
The Israeli national team Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Kosovo's police reported today (Thursday), that in cooperation with the Albanian police they were able to thwart a coordinated ISIS terror attack. Last month there were various reports of threats against the Israeli national soccer team. The Israeli's game against the Albanian national team in Albania was moved several times for these reasons but now, Kosovo's police claim that it was all part of a larger attack that was planned to create mass havoc and many casualties.

According to Kosovo's police, ISIS' local terror cell intended to execute a simultaneous terror attack against the Israeli national team during their match against Albania and an attack in Kosovo. In addition to the six suspects arrested in Albania, Kosovo's authorities arrested 19 more suspects.

The police reported that various explosion devices, weapons and sophisticated electronic equipment were found in the suspect's homes. In addition, the police found, "religious material and literature written by extremists."

The Kosovo terror cell was in contact with other cells in neighboring countries. The cell's leaders were in contact with ISIS executives in Syria. "They had clear targets and an organized attack plan," the authorities explained.

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