IDF Chief of Staff Eizenkot: Army prepared for any scenario; Hezbollah, Syria, Iran remain top threats

On Wednesday, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot briefed a Knesset committee about the tensions along Israel’s northern and southern borders, saying that while the IDF is preparing for every scenario, he does not believe that Hezbollah and Hamas will launch any attacks at the moment. He also said that Hezbollah, Syria and Iran remain Israel’s main threats.
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IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot appeared on Wednesday in front of the members of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and briefed them on the current threats for which the Israeli military is preparing along the country’s northern and southern borders and in the West Bank. In light of the tensions with Hezbollah and Hamas, Eizenkot clarified that while he does not believe that the terrorist organizations are planning to attack Israel, the IDF is preparing for all scenarios.

Eizenkot told the MKs that the efforts of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah to improve the accuracy of their missiles while also trying to obtain more of them are at the top of Israel’s threat list. “We are conducting an entire campaign against the ‘precision project,’ which is at the top of our priorities,” stated Eizenkot.

The IDF chief of staff also commented on the efforts to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining advanced missile systems, saying “we are working against the project all the time by using a wide range of tools that are best kept quiet and out of the intention not to bring about a deterioration [of the situation].”

Eizenkot added that the IDF’s current operational intelligence capabilities are more advanced than ever before. “11 years after the Second Lebanon War and the security reality is very good on both sides of the border,” he added, referring to Israel’s northern border with Lebanon. “The time was used to dramatically improve the IDF’s capabilities.”

However, he clarified that Hezbollah continues to violate the ceasefire agreement. “There is a continuous violation of [UN] Resolution 1701 by the Hezbollah organization under the auspices of civilians and in the urban settings,” he said. “UNIFIL contributes to the peace but they aren’t doing enough to disclose the constant violations by Hezbollah.”

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