Female former combat soldier: “I worked hard just like all the male combat soldiers”

In light of the public debate regarding the incorporation of women in additional IDF combat units, Channel 2 News interviewed a few female former combat soldiers. “I worked hard just like all the male combat soldiers in my unit,” said one of them.
Female former combat soldiers Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The public debate regarding the integration of women into additional IDF combat units continues. This morning (Tuesday), JOL reported that male students from various military preparatory programs wrote a letter to IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, calling on him to cancel the new directives to integrate female soldiers into the Armored Corps and other combat units. In light of this development, Channel 2 Online interviewed several female combat reservists in regards to the topic.

“I worked hard just like all the male combat soldiers in my unit,” said Captain (res.) Shiraz Danino, who served as a combat soldier in the IDF Artillery Corps. “I was the subordinate and commander of male soldiers and female soldiers. We were weeks together in the field and we were together in training. We protected the borders while experiencing absolute equality.”

Danino also spoke about the rest of the women who served with her: “I was lucky to be surrounded by wonderful women, powerful women, women who were motivated by a full sense of service with all the yearning to be a combat soldier and contribute to the country.”

“I served side by side with men, shooting next to one another,” recalled Sherry Yehudit, a former combat soldier in the Caracal Battalion, the IDF’s first co-ed unit. “I really believe in this, that women can enlist into the Armored Corps.”

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