First Lieutenant Dana Avodi named Israeli Naval Academy outstanding cadet

The Israeli Naval Academy has chosen First Lieutenant Dana Avodi as the outstanding cadet of the class that will graduate tomorrow. Avodi is one of two women who completed the rigorous course that lasts almost three years.
First Lieutenant Dana Avodi Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Tomorrow (Tuesday), a new class of Israeli Naval Academy cadets will graduate and the outstanding award of this class will be awarded to First Lieutenant Dana Avodi.

26 male cadets and two female cadets will graduate tomorrow after completing the nearly three-year program that includes university studies. Avodi will go on to serve as the weapons officer on the INS Hetz ship.

“Girls are like everyone else,” Avodi told Channel 2 News. “If someone wants something challenging, he should put all of his energy into this. There were difficult moments and there were satisfactory moments. Nothing should be taken for granted. This course is ultimately a tool, not a goal. Its purpose is to make me into a good and professional commander. Now it will all begin really when I’m serving on the ship.”

As the weapons commander on the ship, Avodi will be in charge of navigation, the safety of the voyage and the ship’s operational overlook. “I asked myself during every phase whether this is what I wanted and whether I wanted to continue and every time, the answer was yes,” she said. “I always wanted to serve in a combat position and I knew I was going to have a long military service, not just two years.”

“The girls did everything like everyone else,” stated the commander of the Israeli Naval Academy base. “We do not change the requirements. We do not lower the bar so that they will finish.”

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