For the first time, Netanyahu to award citations to 6 Mossad teams for successful operations abroad

Six commendations will be awarded to Mossad teams for carrying out special operations abroad in the past year. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mossad Director Yossi Cohen will speak at the ceremony, likely to become an annual tradition, in which the Mossad agents will receive recognition for their service.
6 citations to be awarded to Mossad teams Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

First report: Tomorrow, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be awarding citations to six Mossad teams for the first time for successfully carrying out the agency's special operations over the past year.

The six teams will receive the citations for a series of covert operations carried out by the organization's men and women around the world- enemy states included. Some of the operations apparently used unique technologies developed by and for the Mossad.

The ceremony will be attended by Netanyahu and Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen and is expected to become an annual tradition. During Netanyahu's tenure, the Mossad's budget grew significantly, as did the scope of its operational activity and its use of new technological advancements.

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