Former IDF Chief of Staff responds to State Comptroller’s Protective Edge report

The IDF Chief of Staff during Operation Protective Edge, Benny Gantz, responds to the criticism aimed at him within the Israeli State Comptroller’s report and claims that he acted properly. Regarding the ministers who claimed that he did not update them, Gantz stated that the Israeli Security Cabinet should evaluate how it operates.
Former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Just one day following the Israeli State Comptroller’s report regarding Operation Protective Edge’s failures, the IDF Chief of Staff during the operation, Benny Gantz, responds to the criticism against him from the report.

Gantz implicitly attacked the Israeli Security Cabinet members, who claimed in the report that Gantz did not appropriately update them about the terror tunnel threat. “The IDF provided, provides and will provide all available information according to the Cabinet’s agenda,” said Gantz. “You can’t claim that things weren’t disclosed. It’s running away from responsibilities. I don’t run away from responsibility. I bear responsibility for dozens of commanders and soldiers with pride.”

Gantz suggested that nobody from the political sector should attempt to sweep responsibilities under the carpet as it is improper. “To go and claim that they didn’t know and didn’t hear…I suggest that everyone evaluate themselves in this regard,” Gantz added. “Everything was known, visible and presented to the Cabinet. The Cabinet needs to evaluate how it operates.” Gantz also denied the Security Cabinet members’ claims that he did not clarify the results concerning the IAF’s airstrikes on the terror tunnels.

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