Groundbreaking for Israel Aerospace Industries: India purchases Barak 8 air defense system for $1.6 billion

Israel Aerospace Industries signed a deal with India, which states that it will provide the Indian army with the Barak 8 air defense system. The deal is worth $1.6 billion and is the largest deal that the Israeli defense industry has participated in.
Testing the Barak 8 missile system Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israel Aerospace Industries made an announcement today (Thursday) regarding the largest weapons deal in the history of Israeli defense industries. According to the deal, Israel will provide the Indian army with Barak 8 air defense systems for $1.6 billion.

The Barak 8 is an advanced anti-missile air defense system, which operates on land and in the air and provides a solution for a variety of airborne threats. The system is designed to operate against cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, helicopters, fighter jets, and UAVs.

The transaction will provide India with all parts of the air defense system: launchers, missiles, communication systems, command and control systems and the active radar system. Israel will also provide India with the system’s naval version, which will be operated on India’s first aircraft carrier.

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