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"Gaza is Free”. Hamas' “Victory” Videos

The organization is trying to prepare the Gaza residents for the day after operation “Protective Edge”, in light of the 72 hour cease-fire that commenced, with propaganda videos that try to minimize the Palestinian street outrage due to the major destruction. “Gaza has paid a price for the victory”, it was said in one of the clips. “Even though rivers of blood flow through it, the world sees that it is free”

Aug 05, 2014, 11:43AM | Ayelet Izraeli

Hamas' "victory" video


The 72 hour cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has commenced and in Gaza they are starting to evaluate the major destruction caused, at the end of 29 days of massive attacks by the IDF. It seems, however, that Hamas, who inflicted this havoc on the Gaza residents, are more afraid of the rage of the Palestinian street, and release propaganda videos that glorify the "victory" and blame the catastrophic situation, as expected – on Israel.

The clip, that is being broadcast since this morning (Tuesday) on the organization's TV channel, wishes to prepare the population for the day after operation "Protective Edge". "Time of victory, come. Defeat time has ended", says the announcers as photos of Hamas terrorists and rocket launches are shown in the background. "Rise, Sun of freedom. There is no time for weakness or tears, dawn of glory, the world is yours. Hang pictures of the resistance soldiers everywhere, and write the names of the Shahids in the stars. The time is yours, the victory is yours, the ocean is yours".

Another video, that is intended especially for the residents of Gaza, shows pictures of Palestinian mothers and their children with the ruins in the background. "Allah, watch over the people of Gaza from the evil Zionists", it is sung. "Gaza paid a price for the victory. Though rivers of blood flow through it, Gaza is free and the world sees it. Death has been scattered all around it. Allah, give it victory, strike the exploitation and share your blessings".

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