Hamas entices IDF soldiers with fake profiles in order to obtain intelligence

The IDF Information Security Department reveals how the Hamas terrorist organization’s cyber branch was able to obtain sensitive IDF operational intelligence. By impersonating beautiful women on social media, Hamas tricked and enticed IDF combat soldiers, hacked into their cell phones and remotely photographed bases and operations.
The fake identities Hamas created Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

More than two years following Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, Hamas continues attempting to harm IDF soldiers and to obtain intelligence regarding secret IDF operations even via social media. Today (Wednesday), the IDF reveals how the Hamas terrorist organization’s cyber branch contacts IDF soldiers through impersonations and spyware and obtains sensitive information.

Recently, Hamas has been conducting an operation aimed at infiltrating soldier and IDF unit groups on social media, mainly via Facebook, in order to acquire operational and intelligence information concerning the IDF. Meanwhile, the cyber terrorists attempt to entice IDF soldiers and officers by creating and utilizing fake identities and then coaxing the soldiers into downloading a video chat application enabling them to remotely control the soldiers’ cell phones.

Several dozen cyber-attacks have been conducted against soldiers and, as a result, the IDF Information Security Department initiated two operations aimed at preventing Hamas infiltration into the IDF ranks. According to the IDF, little valuable security information was passed over to the enemy, if at all, and the attempts were thwarted.

Today, the IDF uncovered 16 fake profiles that Hamas created with stolen pictures from the internet, some of which were of IDF soldiers. A majority of the pictures contain attractive women. Via the aforementioned video chat malware application, Hamas is granted access to the soldiers’ cell phone contacts enabling them to reach other soldiers. Hamas is also able to listen to the soldiers’ conversations and remotely access smartphone cameras. The IDF has retrieved smartphone pictures taken by Hamas of soldiers in operations rooms, during guard duty and on Israel’s border with Gaza.

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