Sayeret Matkal to become officers-only unit

The IDF is planning to implement a policy that will require all Sayeret Matkal combat soldiers to become officers. The goal is to allow the army to retain the soldiers’ knowledge and professionalism by requiring them to sign on for another three years of service. The Chief of General Staff is expected to approve the change.
Illustration Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson/ Channel 2 News

The IDF General Staff Reconnaissance Unit, known as Sayeret Matkal, is about to undergo a huge change. Soon, all of the combat soldiers in the unit will have to become officers and sign an additional three years in the military.

The IDF Intelligence Directorate and Personnel Directorate are making the necessary preparations for the significant change. The main reason for the change is that the combat soldiers must have a very high skill level because the operations include special equipment and technological abilities. Thus, their combat training is longer than that of other soldiers. The military wants these soldiers who have been uniquely trained to continue their service for more three or four years.

The policy is expected to be approved in the near future by Chief of General Staff Gadi Eizenkot. The current combat soldiers will undergo a crash officers’ training course that will allow them to retain knowledge and professionalism for the future.

Eizenkot is expected to approve the change Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson/ Channel 2 News

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