IAF conducted first-ever combat operation using F-35 stealth fighter jet

The highly-advanced jet is regarded as the most expensive weapons system in history. Not even the US has used it in combat as of yet.
An F-35 stealth fighter jet Photo credit: iaf.org.il

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) used the F-35 stealth fighter jet in two recent operations, becoming the first air force in the world to use it in combat, IAF Commander Maj. Gen. Amiram Norkin revealed on Tuesday.

During a conference in Israel attended by 20 foreign air force commanders, Norkin said the IAF had attacked twice using the F-35, on two different fronts. He also showed a picture of the jet flying above Beirut.

The US-made F-35 contains electronic warfare systems which allow it to evade even the most advanced anti-aircraft missiles. In December 2016, Israel became the first country outside of the US to acquire the F-35. It is regarded as the most expensive weapons system ever built.

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