Watch: IAF pilots train alongside Pakistani, UAE pilots

With the end of Exercise Red Flag in the US, it was revealed that Israeli pilots trained alongside pilots from Pakistan and the UAE, countries with which Israel has no diplomatic relations.
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It was revealed today (Thursday) that for the first time, pilots from the Israeli Air Force participated in a training exercise with military pilots from Pakistan and the UAE. The joint-drill was conducted during Exercise Red Flag that ended last week in Nevada, US. Fighter aircraft from the US and Spain also participated in the drill. Exercise Red Flag is a unique training drill during which air forces from all over the world work together in several types of missions.

There is great importance to the fact that Israeli pilots trained alongside pilots from Pakistan and the UAE (countries that are fighting ISIS). It shows that the Pakistani and UAE pilots did not refuse to fly with the Israelis and that they came to the US in order to learn. The invitation to participate in the exercise came from the Americans. The countries that take part in the exercise have no say regarding the other participating countries.

“The American pilots are excellent,” said a senior level IAF official. “It is clear that they know how to fly and fight. They defeated us (in the exercise, of course) in air battles but we also defeated them [sometimes].”

Israel has been participating in Exercise Red Flag for several years. Ever since 2013, Israel has been conducting an annual drill similar to Exercise Red Flag called Blue Flag. Next year, the US, France, Greece and Poland are expected to participate in Blue Flag.

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