IDF against religious organization that doesn’t want females to recruit

The IDF went on the offensive against the ‘Chotam’ organization, which acts against the recruitment of females for combat roles.
Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News

The IDF decided to go on the offensive against the ‘Chotam’ organization, which acts against recruiting females. Today (Wednesday), a senior-level IDF officer responded to the attempts to de-legitimize the IDF and claimed: “This is a ridiculous campaign based on ignorance…The organization is not an organization that we speak to.”

The officer also referred to the new plan according to which females will be integrated into combat positions in the Armored Corps: “We allocated mixed battalions for border defense because of the increased need to protect Israel's borders and we are examining whether to establish tank platoons in these battalions.”

“The girls understand that the IDF maintains their dignity and religion and challenges them and therefore they come,” The officer explained. “These are smart young women who know what's good for them. We create an infrastructure for them that enables both proper accommodation and the preservation of religion.”

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