Golan Heights: ISIS-affiliated terrorists in Syria fire shots at IDF soldiers

Members of a terrorist organization affiliated with ISIS in Syria fired gunshots at IDF soldiers in the Golan Heights. In response, the IDF soldiers returned fire and an Israeli Air Force aircraft was scrambled. The IDF has launched an official investigation into this incident.
Illustration Photo Credit Basel Awidat/Flash 90

A serious incident occurred this morning (Sunday) in the southern Golan Heights when gunshots were fired at IDF soldiers in the area. No injuries were reported among the IDF soldiers. In addition, no damage was reported.

The gunshots were fired from near the fence on the Syrian side of the border. An IDF force from the Golani Brigade’s reconnaissance unit that was in the area returned fire after the soldiers spotted the four terrorists who fired at them. The IDF is currently investigating the incident.

In addition to the soldiers’ response, an IAF aircraft was scrambled. According to the initial investigation, it appears that the four terrorists belonged to the Yarmouk Martyrs’ Brigade, a terrorist organization located in southern Syria that is affiliated with ISIS. The four terrorists were eliminated in the exchange of fire that included mortar shells. Prior to today, there had been no recorded incidents between the terrorist organization and IDF forces. 

About two weeks ago, JOL reported that a mortar shell landed in Israel after the battles between the Syrian Army and rebel forces resumed along Syria’s border with Israel.

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